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Maternity Pad 20+2 (Premium Quality)
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Maternity Pad 20+2 (Premium Quality)

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Brand: Bubbles
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  • Maternity Pad 1   Size: 246 KB     [download]
  • Maternity Pad 2   Size: 174 KB     [download]

Bubbles Maternity Pads are made of super absorbent and air-through material to provide great protection while keeping skin and clothes dry. This product is a must-have for mothers during confinement periods. It has extra soft lining made of 100% cotton to provide softness and comfort. Mothers also can move freely and comfortably using Bubbles Maternity Pad with its extra slim pad. It comes with strips of adhesive tapes to ensure pad stays in position in clothing.

One pack of Bubbles Maternity Pads contains 22pcs of individually wrap maternity pad.