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Washable Breast Pads - BEST BUY
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Washable Breast Pads - BEST BUY

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Brand: Bubbles
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Bubbles Washable Breast Pads
Available in 3 colors - Nude/White/Pink

* Naturally contoured for perfect fitting in bra
* High absorbency and breathable cotton for good airflow
* Prevent wet spots
* Free size and fits all types of bra
* Easy to use and wash
* Dry fast and save time

Lace content is nylon and lining is cotton

Made up of 4 Layers :
*Layer 1 Lace Outer Layer- Lace layer is used to prevent much movement in bra
* Layer 2 Water Resistant Layer - Unique lining to let moisture goes through yet still providing protection and keep clothes dry
* Layer 3 Synthetic Layer - Super absorbent polymer traps excess milk and locks it away
* Layer 4 Absorbent Cotton Layer - Lining is 100% cotton which quickly absorbs wetness and always keeps optimum softness

Contains 4pcs/packing