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Extra Tall Premier Pressure Gate (White) with 1 EXT included

Extra Tall Premier Pressure Gate (White) with 1 EXT included

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Brand: Baby Dan
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BabyDan are the only manufacturer of a True Pressure fit safety gate meaning the gate can be fixed straight from the box without any tools This gate measures 1 metre and 5 cm, making it one of the tallest Baby and Pet gates available on the market. The unique feature of this gate is the pressure indicator application, that highlight when the gate has been installed correctly. As a true pressure fitted gate not requiring screw fittings or even adhesive strips, this is the easiest to install and secure Baby and Pet gate available. It can be installed to fit against rounded bannister pounds with the use of Y spindles.

- Fits standard widths of 73cm to 86cm.

- Coloured pressure indicators which clearly show when the gate is fitted correctly

- Patented pressure technology which allows the gate to be fitted straight from the box

- Extended with separate extensions up to a maximum of 120 cm

- Conforms to very latest safety standard EN 1930;2011

- Made in Denmark

- High quality powder coated finish in white.

- Standard fit of gate 73cm to 80cm, with one free extension included in the package.

Extensions available for this gate (Sold Separately):

1 x Extension 80 - 86 cm (Included with Gate)
2 x Extensions 86 - 93 cm
3 x Extensions 93 - 99.5 cm
4 x Extensions 99.5 - 106.5 cm
5 x Extensions 106.5 - 113.5 cm
6 x Extensions 113.5 - 120 cm

Each extend-a-gate box contains 2 extension poles.